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NEA RA Science Caucus


July, 2014 Agenda


I. Introductions


II. Caucus Bylaws


III. New Business


IV. Old Business


2014 Science Caucus Meeting Schedule:


July 1 @ 4-5:30 in the NEA cafe (tables outside of RA floor): BE THERE!


July 2 @ 6-9 Caucus Dinner/Meet & Greet: Location TBA (possible BBQ)


July 3 @ 9:30-10am in the NEA Cafe (First day of RA)


July 4 @ Lunch break in Mile High Ballroom Section 4D


July 5 @ Lunch break in Mile High Ballroom Section 4D


Caucus Priorities (from RA 2013):


● Draft a letter to DVR signed by all 50 states deploring creationist booths


● Continue to grow caucus influence and visibility by finding new partnerships and exhibitors and speakers (National Science Teachers Association, National Association of Biology Teachers, American Association for the Advacement of Science, Americal Chemical Society etc.)


● Address STEAM NBI #46


● Strengthen our current science curriculum resolutions (Section B)


● Help educate members about our struggle to maintain inquiry labs. Need funding for our classes for lab materials, resources.


● Address NGSS and Common Core


● Address the move to “virtualization” of science, as in FL.

NEA Science Caucus Reports


July 5, 2013 Minutes


July 2014 Minutes


2014-2015 Treasurer's Report


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